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Yoko had just finished her job cleaning up the cafeteria at the local daycare. Her boss, Ren, had handed her, her check. "Thank you for your service, Yoko." She said. "You've been a big help."

"No problem." Yoko said with a wink. She held the check tightly in her hands. This amount of money might give her some decent food for the week.

"What are you going to be doing for winter break?" Ren asked, trying to make a conversation with her employee.

"Nothing. Just staying at the orphanage." Yoko said as she shook her head.

"I wish you luck." Ren said with a smile.

Yoko put on her beat up red pea coat and said, "Thank you, Ren." She had headed outside and walked home.

Yoko spent most of her time alone when she wasn't in school or at the orphanage or working. She usually thought to herself about things. Things like how the other kids are able to afford new clothing and how kids her age were already dating when nobody wanted a loner like Yoko. She didn't mind though. She wanted other people's happiness instead of her own.

On Yoko's moment of deep thought, she spotted a boy about the age of ten being tormented by some older boys, Yoko's age.

"Give it back, Tamaki!" The younger boy pleaded. "Those cookies were given to be by Mrs. Tamashi."

'I know that boy.' Yoko thought. 'He is in the orphanage with me. That's Eien.'

"What are you going to do about it?" Teased a tall boy with dark hair and black cap, hiding his eyes.

"Are you going to cry to mom? Oh wait, you don't have one." Said a shorter but muscular boy with a brown mowhawk.

A boy with long messy blonde hair with tattoos folded his arms and said, "Tell you what, shrimp? You can have the cookies back if you pay us if you kiss a hot chick."

Eien was confused. He never felt that way around girls. He was speechless and shivered in the cold.

"Why are you just standing there?" The blonde haired tattooed boy said, kicking the smaller boy in the stomach. "Kiss someone."

Eien fell to the floor, clutching his ribs in pain.

This made Yoko mad. Eien was one of her only friends and he got picked on by the high school every day. She ran up to them and punched the blonde in the face with all her might, she was quiet strong.

"Whoa." The shorter muscle boy said.

"That chick is tough." The cap boy said.

The blonde looked at Yoko in disgust and yelled, "What the hell?"

"Don't pick on Eien." Yoko demanded.

The blonde smirked and said as he got up from the floor, "I don't think you get it, little girl."

Yoko hated being called little. She was sixteen but looked like an eight year old with a big chest.

"That boy is stupid and deserves to be punished." He continued.

"What did you say?" Yoko screamed as she punched him again, her fist had a fiery aura this time, slamming the blonde into a brick wall, making him bleed moderately threw his mouth.

The blonde smirked again and commanded to his team, "Tokotsu, Kuro, black magic transform!"

The blonde transformed into a Victorian age suit with a top hat and manacle. His eyes turned blue to red and his skin became paler than the snow. He held a giant cross as a weapon. The muscular boy turned into a brown rock like monster. The cap boy grew black demon wings and grew fangs and claws as his skin turned into a mud color.

'What's going on?' Yoko screamed.

"You made us mad, girly!" The rock monster said, hurling his fist at her, she jumped out of the way, grabbing Eien with her.

The blonde swung his cross sword at her, knocking Yoko over.

"Yoko!" Eien winced.

"Eien." Yoko said weakly.

"Hold it." A voice said. There was a boy around seventeen wearing a blue and gold cloak and held a wooden staff in his hands.

"You shouldn't pick on powerless humans, after all they are unable to fight back." He said. His voice was cold, but stern.

"Not you, Sentoki." The blonde said.

The blue cloaked figure laughed for a bit and said, "Why not? My job is to protect the innocent."

The mud skinned and demon winged boy spit out acid, but the cloaked boy protected himself with his staff. "Acidum Discute*" He said. A green forcefeild protected him as the acid melted away.

'No way!' Yoko thought. 'Is he really human?'

"Stella Blaster Posuere Eget!*" The cloaked figure said.

A blast of energy escaped from the boy's staff, as it hurled towards the demon like boys, knocking them into their human form.

"Run away!" The cap boy shouted as the three of them bolted out of the way.

The cloaked figure, showed his face. It was a boy with long red hair in a ponytail and with soothing gray eyes. He looked at Yoko. "Are you alright, milady?" He asked, politely.

"I'm fine, just help me up please." Yoko said, softly.

The boy nodded and said, "As you wish, milady." As he grabbed her hand and lifted her into a standing position.

"Yoko! Are you hurt?" Eien asked, with streams of tears running down his dirty freckled face.

"Not too much, just bruised." Yoko answered.

Eien hugged her leg, sobbing into it.

"What are you? A wizard?" Yoko asked the boy her age.

"My name is Sentoki De Solis, I am a wizard from the Magic Academy of Heaven." The ponytailed boy said, as he bowed towards her.

"You were so cool out there." Yoko said in awe.

He said nothing and turned his back to her. Yoko cocked her head in confusion. Eien stopped crying for a moment and asked, "What's wrong, Sentoki?"

"I sense a strange magical energy coming from here.*" Sentoki answered.

Yoko reimagined the fight. She noticed her hands looked like they were on fire for that brief period. 'Could he mean me?' She thought.

He looked at Yoko and said, "Its coming from you, milady."

"Me? And please, call me Yoko. Being called a lady isn't me." Yoko told him.

"Yoko…are you aware of your magical abilities?" Sentoki asked.

Yoko shook her head.

Sentoki took her hand and said, "Then you must join me in the Magic Acadmey of the Heavens. It will help you understand your abilities."

Yoko looked down in fear. She didn't want to leave her friends at the orphanage behind.

"I-I don't know, Sentoki." She said. "I can't leave my friends behind."

"I understand." He said with a soft smile. He tossed her a silver key and said, "However if your interested in enrolling, just call me with this.*"

He let go of her shivering cold hands and took out a second key and said, "Take me back to the Heavens." A white aura glowed around him as he disappeared.

Yoko gripped the key, staring at it in confusion.

That night before bed, Eien was bragging about the adventure he had with Yoko and Sentoki. A lot of kids were really interested and started asking questions.

Yoko lay down on her bed. Her roommate, Naomi asked, "Is it true? You met a wizard."

"Yeah." Yoko said.

"I hear they are really cute." Said another roommate named Aoi.

"Was he cute, Yoko?" Naomi asked.

Yoko stared at the key once more and said, "Yeah. I wish I got to talk to him more."


After a week, Yoko and Eien never saw Sentoki. Yoko began to miss him, as did Eien. She had questioned wether or not she could go to that place up in the Heavens. She wouldn't have to worry about school or work. She'd probably make lots of friends as well.

Yoko was walking home from school that afternoon. She was cornered by a bunch of boys who looked sleazy. Three of them she had recognized. It was the thugs from last week. They were all in their transformed stages.

"What are you doing here?" Yoko asked.

"We just want to get our revenge from last week." The blonde boy said. He snapped and said, "Get her!"

The boys lunged at her, as she pushed and punched and kicked her way out of the sea of demonic boys.

She felt the aura come back, knocking all the boys off her.

"What a shock? You have a magical ability. Too bad your no match for the Magic Academy of the Underworld's boys choir team." The blonde said. He held out his cross and yelled, "Ira Luna.*"

A black beam of energy came hurling down at Yoko as she tried to defend herself. A red force field surrounded her body, blocking the attack.

"Incredible." The rock monster said.

"Shut up." The blonde yelled at him. "Kuro, do your next move."

The mud skinned demon said, "With pleasure." He cracked his knuckles and charged his claws at her. He was blocked by Sentoki's wooden staff.

"Dammit! Not you again." Kuro growled.

"I thought I told you not to mess with humans." Sentoki scolded. He held out his staff and yelled, "Daemon Domiter!"*

A white light glowed around the circle of demon boys, as they transformed back into their human forms.

"Oh crap, we are powerless now." The blonde boy said.

"Better run along before I tell the headmaster what you do to humans." Sentoki said.

The boys scurried off, one boy yelled, "I hate you, Heavens."

"So." Sentoki said. "Have you made your decision? Do you wish to join the Magic Academy of the Heavens?"

"Still not sure yet." Yoko said.

"Why don't we get coffee, and get to know each other a bit better?" Sentoki asked.

Yoko shook her head, "I have no money."

"That's okay, Its on me." Sentoki said as he pulled her in close. Yoko blushed as Sentoki pulled out his key and said, "Take me to the heavens."

They teleported onto the Heaven's academy. It was beautiful golden palace like building.

"Welcome to my school." He said.

"I thought we were getting coffee." Yoko pointed out.

"Yes, we are going to get coffee at the Heaven's bakery." Sentoki said as he lead her to the Heaven's bakery.


"So your saying you cannot leave the kids at the orphanage behind?" Sentoki asked.

"They are like family to me. Yes, its kind of miserable, but its also nice." Yoko explained.

"But wouldn't you like to fight to protect them? After all the human world always has some demon running around." Sentoki said.

"I'd guess that would be nice." Yoko said, taking a sip of her coffee.

"Oh Sentoki." Said an elderly woman who was wrapped in a Middle Eastern looking scarf with golden bangles and matching hoop earrings. "Fancy meeting you here."

"Headmistress Evangeline! Are you on your coffee break?" Sentoki asked.

Evangeline had sat down at the table beside Yoko and Sentoki and said, "In fact I am. Say, who is this girl? I never saw her around campus."

"Her name is Yoko. I have sensed a strong magical aura from her." Sentoki said. "I want you to enroll her."

"I'm afraid I cannot do that. I must have your parents sign papers and pay me a certain amount of money." Evangeline refused politely.

"She is an orphan. She has no money." Sentoki said.

"And my guardian is an alcoholic, I really doubt you'd want to meet him." Yoko added.

"Well then. There is one thing you must do if you wish to enroll." Evangeline said.

"I'll do anything." Yoko begged.

"Follow me to my office." Evangeline said as she got up from her seat and walked slowly with a wooden cane.

While walking, Sentoki asked, "So you made up your mind?"

"Yes, my friends mean everything to me. That's why I'm going to enroll here to protect them." Yoko said.

Sentoki smiled and ruffled his friend's red hair.

Once they had reached Evangeline's office, Evangeline sat down on a leather chair as Sentoki and Yoko sat down in wooden ones in front of her.

"What is your full name Yoko?" Evangeline asked.

"I don't know. I never got to know who my parents are or what my last name is. All I know is my mother was terminally ill after I was six months old and my father was a musician who toured around the world. That's why I'm in the orphanage." Yoko explained.

"Take my hands, child." The headmistress told her in a soft grandmother like voice.

Yoko put her hands in Evangeline's. Evangeline saw visions of Yoko and who she really was as a human and as a magical being.*

"I see, I see…" Evangeline began to say.

"You see what?" Yoko asked.

"I see you are a very good magical girl in training." Evangeline said. She released her hands. "A magical girl is a human with magical abilities. Your mother was a mage however she never attended a magic academy and your father was a human, therefore creating your powers."

"So what do I have to do to enroll?" Yoko asked.

Evangeline looked at Yoko with her elderly eyes and said, "You must slay a dragon."
My own orginal story about a fanatsy shoujo. A young girl discovers that a boy is a wizard and he senses a magical aura and takes her to the Magic Acadmey of the Heavens.

If you want this series to continue, favorite it or as I perfer, comment.

Spell names and meanings and items and usages:
Acidum Discute-The first spell in the whole story, all the wizard/mage spells will be in latin though as well as some other creatures but not all of them. This one means Acid Dispel. Only wizards, mages and other higher magic beings can use this spell. This spell is used as a forcefeild to protect oneself from acid based attacks caused by golems.

Stella Blaster Posuere Eget-Means Star Blaster Fusion. Most wizards are given at least five spells to use a signature move, and create their own spell. This spell can only be used by Sentoki and his father. Its an offense attack that summons a powerful burst of energy to multiple opponents at once.

Magic Sensing-Most magical beings have this ability if they have the intelligence. Sentoki is at the top of his grade, which gives him this ablity.

Silver Key-When you enroll in to the Magic Acadamey of the Heavens, you recive a silver key that can transport you from the human world to the magic academy or to the Magic Acadmey of the Underworld. It can also be used as a communication device. Usually a student is given only one, so it unknown how Sentoki had gotten a second.

Ira Luna-Means wrath of the moon. Its Tamaki’s signature attack move using his cross. This sends a blast of negative energy toward opponent. Its very powerful in the demon world.

Daemon Domiter-Means Demon Tamer. The most important spell a wizard or mage must learn when she or he is highschool bound. This takes away magic from a demon for a brief period of time. Depending on how strong the mage or wizard is, it can be locked up for about a few minutes to a week.

Magic Sight-Can only be used by elders called, Psychics. When a human or magical being puts their hands inside a psychic’s, the psychic will see the other person’s abilities that they have as well as their past and all their memories.

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